Bryan Adams will release his new album, Get Up, on Oct. 30. “Don’t Even Try” is the latest single from the LP, which was produced by Electric Light Orchestra's Jeff Lynne. Ultimate Classic Rock is pleased to present an exclusive video, which you can watch above, featuring Adams’ thoughts on the track and an acoustic performance of "Don't Even Try."

Adams wrote “Don’t Even Try” with longtime collaborator Jim Vallance and, as he shares in the video, they had originally written a guitar riff for the song that wasn’t working. “We sent the demo to Jeff Lynne [and] when it came back, he had sorted out the guitar riff ... the thing that I couldn’t quite get right,” Adams remembers. “One of the great things about working with another musician who is a producer, someone as talented as Jeff is, is that when those little hiccups come up, they’re able to iron them out.”

“As a songwriter, I’ve always thought there’s two levels to making records,” Adams told Ultimate Classic Rock during a 2014 interview, discussing his collaboration with Lynne. “One is the songwriting process, which is [where] you get a song to a certain place and that’s it, and then you need to go and take it and make it into a record and that’s as much work, if not more work, than it is actually writing the song. Because making a song into a record is a huge deal.”

You can pre-order the Get Up album on iTunes now and receive an instant download of “Don’t Even Try.”

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