By now you've almost certainly seen and heard the buzz about Bruce Springsteen's latest album, 'Wrecking Ball.' When an artist of his stature and longevity releases a new record, the question is inevitable -- how does it stand up when compared to the rest of their catalog?

Well, at least we know it's going to be heard. The disc -- which you can preview and buy here -- shot to the No. 1 spot on the Amazon and iTunes sales charts on its very first day of release. So far, the critics have been mostly positive, but mixed, as you can see from our own review.

Only time will tell if 'Wrecking Ball' ascends in Springsteen fans' hearts to stand alongside classic albums such as 'Born to Run' and 'Nebraska,' gets lumped in with lesser efforts such as 'Human Touch,' or floats somewhere in the middle a la more recent projects such as 'Devils & Dust' or 'Magic.'

Springsteen has sold tens of millions of albums and has a boatload of Grammys, but we want to know if you think 'Wrecking Ball' is worthy of that legacy.