As Bruce Springsteen prepares to tour behind his forthcoming album, ‘High Hopes,’ his management is considering adding a new facet to the Springsteen concert experience. Jon Landau says that they are looking into the possibility of offering downloads of every concert.

Speaking to Springsteen fanzine Backstreets, Landau said that a process could be in place soon. “Plans aren't totally hammered out yet,” the story reports. “But it's something they want to try, potentially after each show, and he says Bruce is on board with the idea,” adding that “[a]ctive discussions are ongoing and in the logistics phase.”

Landau also said that they are hoping to have it ready to go in time for the next leg of the tour, whose dates have not yet been announced. Springsteen and the E Street Band will embark on a five-week tour of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, kicking off with three shows in Cape Town beginning on Jan. 26.

Springsteen recently told Rolling Stone that he is also open to an official bootleg series of his most famous shows. Although he originally laughed off the idea by asking, “Do people need them anymore? Don't they just go on the Internet and find them,” he quickly changed his tone. “I suppose it would be nice to get some of the classic concerts that have kept people's interest over the past 20, 30 or even 40 years and maybe formalize them in some way. That's not off the drawing board either. It's all there.”

Bruce Springsteen has long been one of rock’s most bootlegged artists. He famously taunted tapers during a radio broadcast of a 1978 show from the Roxy in Los Angeles by saying, “All you bootleggers out there in Radioland, roll your tapes!” before the then-unreleased instrumental, ‘Paradise by the ‘C.’’