The members of British death metal band Unfathomable Ruination want to rock until they're out of oxygen -- literally.

NME reports that the group has agreed to take part in an art installation, dubbed Box Sized DIE by Portugese artist Joao Onofre, which will find them clambering into an airtight, soundproof cube, located outside the London skyscraper known as the Gherkin, and playing until they run out of air.

The performances, which will take place every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between July 3 and Aug. 1, will obviously not be able to be heard by the public; passersby will be limited to whatever vibrations manage to hum through the cube's outer hull. But that hasn't stopped Onofre from pulling this off several times in the past, including installations in Paris, Barcelona, and Switzerland.

Previous Box Sized DIE participants Holocausto Canibal have reached out to Unfathomable Ruination to offer encouragement and advice, warning their new fellow cube-dwellers not to push themselves too far and pointing out, "Make sure one of you guys can reach the handle easily."

For their part, Unfathomable Ruination seem to be approaching this challenge with the proper mixture of bravado and humor: according to the Sydney Morning Herald, the band is allowing fans to place bets on "who will be the first member to perish without oxygen."