Brian Wilson is almost ready to release his new solo album No Pier Pressure — but first, he's offering fans a peek behind the scenes at the sessions for the record, which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

"When I hear it, it takes me back to when I first originally conceived of [the album]," Wilson says in the clip, which you can watch above. "Sitting at my piano, starting my first song — about what I'm going through and what it's like to be in my seventies. Some of them pertain to me and Melinda, and then there's some that pertain to me and the Beach Boys. It was great. It's a good way to get rid of some bad feelings and make the good feelings come into play."

"These albums are me. The real me, that I put into these albums," he explains in the second half of the behind-the-scenes video. "The moods I go through, the different kinds of love I feel for people."

That love is echoed back by a wide variety of friends, family members, and personnel involved in No Pier Pressure, including Wilson's daughter (who relates the story of how she ended up taking the photo for the album cover) and collaborators like famed producer Don Was and Wilson's former Beach Boys bandmates Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin, both of whom contribute to songs on the new LP. Along the way, you can hear bits and pieces of the songs that made the final cut, from first single "The Right Time" to instrumental track "Half Moon Bay" and album closer "The Last Song."

"We're giving 'em different kinds of moods. That's the way to put it," says Wilson. "I relate to the moods because I went through 'em."

Wilson also performed a pair of No Pier Pressure songs during a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, delivering live renditions of the opening track, "This Beautiful Day," as well as "The Last Song." Check them out below.

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