The Brian Wilson biopic Love & Mercy opens today and Wilson admits to a range of emotions about its depiction of his illustrious, and oftentimes turbulent, past. In an interview with ABC Radio, the Beach Boys mastermind noted that the movie brought back "some good memories and some lousy memories."

Though he said the film made him feel nostalgic at times, he wasn't too happy seeing some of the more troubling parts of his life -- particularly a period when he was controlled by an abusive doctor and Wilson's much-discussed LSD use, which exacerbated his mental instability -- portrayed onscreen.

"LSD was very, very ... not a good drug," Wilson said. "It was very hallucinatory, causes auditory hallucinations.  And, it's just a screwed-up drug."

The movie chronicles Wilson's life from the start of the Beach Boys and his mental breakdown in the mid-'60s to his secluded period in the '70s and and a personal and creative rebirth in the '80s. Two actors -- Paul Dano and John Cusack -- play the artist during different periods in his life.

Overall, Wilson told ABC Radio that he was pleased to see his life unfold onscreen, like a scene that shows him in the studio making his masterpiece, the Beach Boys' 1966 album Pet Sounds. He's not sure if any of his former bandmates have seen the film yet, but he pointed out that he's "very concerned" about their reactions. "I just hope they like it," he said.

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