Queen + Adam Lambert are set to play a high-profile New Year’s Eve concert in London, but right now there are more important things on Brian May’s mind. In a new interview, he expressed his contempt for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

As he told the Guardian, “We need a change of government, and if there isn’t one, I think we will all slit our wrists.”

May has often described himself as a Conservative. However, he publicly clashed with his fellow Tory Cameron in a year-long struggle to stop a badger cull in Somerset and Gloucester. May, a longtime animal-rights activist, emerged victorious in November 2013.

The guitarist is not just concerned about animals, but also the future of the planet. May, who has a PhD in astrophysics, recently raised the prospect of an asteroid striking the Earth and destroying a city. He repeated his concern when asked by the Guardian about the future of rock n’ roll. “Those things are for ever,” he says, “as long as the asteroid doesn’t strike and wipe us all out.”

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