“A thrilling performance in true Bon Jovi fashion” is how a VEVO.com press release describes the live video version of ‘This is Our House’ that premieres on the website this week, and we really couldn’t put it in a better light.

‘This is Our House’ is an outtake from Jovi’s 2009 album, ‘The Circle.' The track was originally available as a bonus MP3 download on the iTunes Store version of both the band’s 2010 ‘Greatest Hits’ and ‘Greatest Hits – Ultimate Collection’ compilations. The clip is one of several from various artists that premiered on VEVO this week.

This video was filmed in Regina, Canada, and features crystal-clear footage from the band’s 2010 ‘Circle’ tour. With flourishes of grandiose (synthesized) horns, electronic pattering, chugging electric guitars and Jon Bon Jovi leading his bandmates (and the crowd) in a classic call-and-response, the up-tempo ‘Our House’ seems like an anthem suited perfectly for rousing fans during a crucial moment at a hockey game or monster-truck rally.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets plenty of third-period airtime during New Jersey Devils games. That is, if the woeful Devils were ever still in games in the third period.

Watch Bon Jovi's 'This is Our House' Live Video