Releasing the new ‘Ultimate Hits’ compilation has given Bob Seger a chance to reflect on the sizable stack of chart hits which he has racked up during 50 years as a performer. His signature ‘Turn The Page,’ helped to write an especially important chapter of his career and he says that it’s the song that marked a “turning point” in which “we went from station wagons to jets overnight.”

Seger tells the Huffington Post that growing up in Michigan with future Eagle Glenn Frey, “our goal was to get on the radio” and he calls himself very fortunate for being able to achieve that with lots of airplay and chart success.

‘Like A Rock’ was Seger’s way of giving back to the blue collar workers who had inspired so much of his work.

“The only reason I agreed to it -- and I turned it down for a year and a half -- was because I was over in a restaurant and an autoworker came up to me and said, "Why don't you do something for the auto companies?" and walked away. I was sitting there with my manager and somebody else and [I] said, 'Okay, I'll do it now.' That literally happened. I know they'd been wanting this for a while, and if I could help them sell trucks at all ... for ten years, they sold a lot of trucks with that song.”

Wrapping up a successful year of touring, Seger continues to work on a new album and he recently told Ultimate Classic Rock that fans can definitely expect more touring once the new album is released.