35 years after its initial release, Bob Seger's 'Live Bullet' is still held in high regard as one of the classic live releases of all time. Even Seger looks back on the album with pride.  A renewed spotlight has been placed on the album, which was re-released last week, along with Seger's other live platter 'Nine Tonight,' for the first time digitally on iTunes and related outlets. A previously unreleased bonus track was added to each.

The intentions for the original release were modest. It was meant to tide fans over during the waiting period in which Seger worked on what would become the 'Night Moves' album.

If Seger would have had his choice at the time, there would be no 'Live Bullet.' He told Rolling Stone in a 1976 interview, “I was really opposed to a live album, but frankly, I just couldn't finish the new record.”

He continued, “We just couldn't wait any longer or we'd lose all of the momentum from 'Beautiful Loser.' We weren't even getting gigs 'cause we were so cold.”

Bolstered by airplay for live versions of 'Beautiful Loser's' title track and 'Turn the Page,' the future classic tale of life on the road that continues to be one of Seger's most popular songs to this day, 'Live Bullet' became an unanticipated success story.

After 35 years, Seger still has a lot of love for the album, which he expressed during a recent radio interview on the syndicated program 'In The Studio.'

He told program host Redbeard: “I really am proud of 'Live Bullet.' That stands up...that is a ferocious album. It's a lot of fun to every now and then take a long trip and listen to that, because the energy on that, you're talking about six guys that are white-hot. They're after it.”

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band are still very much “after it” and they'll be proving that once again with tour dates this fall.