You can win two classic Bob Seger live albums, 1976's 'Live Bullet' and 1981's 'Nine Tonight,' in newly expanded and remastered CD form, from EMI / Capitol and Ultimate Classic Rock.

Both albums have been unavailable for a long time, but they returned to stores yesterday (Sept. 13) with remastered sound and each featuring an additional bonus track.

Seger, who's currently touring the country with what he's threatening will be his last national tour ever, has always been known for his dynamic live performances, and these albums capture him at the height of his popularity and power.

1976's 'Live Bullet' was recorded in his hometown's Cobo Hall the year before. It's sold over five million copies on the strength of excellent readings of 'Turn the Page' and 'Katmandu.'

Five years later, Seger returned with 'Nine Tonight,' splitting his time between Cobo Hall and the Boston Garden to perform some of his most enduring songs, such as 'Hollywood Nights' and 'Night Moves.'

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band’s live performances have helped him sell over 51 million records, and also earned him the title of the best selling catalog album selling artist between 2000 and 2010.

The legendary Detroit rocker is also ending his long-standing iTunes embargo with a flourish, not only selling these albums through the digital retailer, but offering fans a free six-song EP for a limited time via USA Today.

But why be satisfied with six free songs when you can win both albums in their entirety? We'll make it really easy on you, too, since we're such nice folks. All you need to do is sign up via the form below.

Bob Seger - 'Nine Tonight' and 'Live Bullet' CD Giveaway

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