Bob Dylan completists will have a chance to own copies of every single lyric to every single one of his songs later this year, but it comes with a couple of warnings -- the first one being "lift with your legs."

The massive tome, titled 'The Lyrics: Since 1962,' weighs in at an impressive 14 pounds, and as Consequence of Sound reports, it'll also set you back by a fairly hefty sum: The standard edition of the book costs $200, while a signed copy is going for $5,000.

Simon & Schuster is releasing the collection, which includes lyrics from officially released songs as well as those present on official bootlegs, and company president/publisher Jonathan Karp understandably believes it's "the biggest, and most expensive book we’ve ever published." It was all edited by Boston University professor and British literary scholar Christopher Ricks, author of the in-depth musical analysis 'Dylan's Visions of Sin'; he reportedly received assistance from Dylan himself, although he demurred when asked by the New York Times, saying only, "I think the right thing for us is not to go into the question of the particular kinds of help and assistance and advice that we were in a position to receive."

'The Lyrics: Since 1962' is available for pre-order now; the signed edition, which will be limited to 50 numbered copies, is available here. "It is, in a way, a work of scholarship," explained Ricks. "But it is also a book for people who love these songs, and who would be grateful to be reminded that these songs are always in a state of extraordinary flux. They’re amazing, shape-changing things."