Wondering what's next for Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series? No one but Dylan really knows for sure, but a source inside the legend's camp offered Rolling Stone a few intriguing possibilities.

"There's a couple of things on our minds, but the natural next one is 'Blood on the Tracks,'" predicted the source, who hinted at a wealth of unreleased material from the 1974 sessions, which started in New York before migrating to Minneapolis with a different band. "During the first couple of days in New York, Bob played the songs solo on acoustic guitar," explained Rolling Stone's tipster. "They're very different than anything that's been heard before, and they're very special."

The article also hints that 2014 might actually be the year that a long-rumored documentary about Dylan's 1975-76 Rolling Thunder Revue tour sees release. "We have no clue when it's going to come out -- maybe this year, but we're just hoping it happens sometime in our lifetimes," admitted the source, who went on to explain that plummeting DVD sales could prevent Dylan from releasing more of his archival live footage. "The problem is there's no market for this stuff. We waited too long. There's no DVD market these days."

Also on the Bootleg Series table: Dylan's born-again period, including recordings from his 1980 gospel tour. "The only issue is that we fear nobody will be interested," explained the source. "It's not a period people are clamoring for, so it's kind of a square peg for a round hole. That said, exploring the born again period would be very interesting. He played a lot of songs live that weren't recorded and a deluxe box would be fun to do. It's a period that been much-maligned, but with the benefit of hindsight it's clear that Bob was doing some great things."