Bob Dylan didn't follow fellow rockers like U2 and Motorhead by canceling shows in the wake of the Paris terror attacks – but that doesn't mean he's taking any chances.

Dylan reportedly asked for 12 additional armed guards before the first of two shows tonight (Nov. 18) at Teatro Auditorium Manzoni in Bologna, Italy. They are to be posted both at the venue entrances, according to the International Business Times, as well as on stage and in the backstage area. Others could be part of the crowd, the Times added. Meanwhile, local law enforcement officers are also to be stationed along the perimeter of the venue.

Acts including the Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson and the Deftones also postponed European tours in the wake of a coordinated terrorist attack on Nov. 13 in the French capital that saw more than a hundred killed. Most died during a performance at the Bataclan concert hall by the Eagles of Death Metal, who also returned to the U.S. The band issued an emotional official statement earlier today, saying they were "still trying to come to terms with what happened."

Giorgio Zagnoni, who serves as artistic director at Teatro Auditorium Manzoni, confirmed Dylan's request to an Italian newspaper called Corriere della Sera. He said that the venue had never previously had a call for more security.

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