Arguments about which Bob Dylan album is best can be flat out exhausting. Rarely does the discourse reach a satisfying conclusion before the beer runs out. Google the phrase 'best Bob Dylan albums.' There are over 12 million results. 'Love and Theft,' 'Blonde on Blonde,' 'Freewheelin Bob Dylan' ... one could make a case for any of these or the other three dozen studio albums he's released (almost all of them, anyway).

Eric Feezel with The Morning News has come up with a solution, or at least a way to move on to the next disagreement, you know, Bonham vs. Moon, that kind of thing. With the Bob Dylan Album Calculator one can find the Dylan album that's tailor made to his or her personality. You answer a series of questions such as:

I like an album to have:

A) Copious amounts of harmonica or Hammond B3 organ to fill out the sound
B) Copious amounts of egregiously employed, gaudy female backing vocals.

Fair warning: answering 'B' in that case takes you right to your answer, 1978's 'Street Legal,' so be wise to tricks like that. You hardly want to be known as the guy having to defend 1985's 'Empire Burlesque.' Sometimes you'll have to answer several questions to get to your solution, and sometimes the result will come after just two answers. 

Now, remember, the Bob Dylan Album Calculator may settle this dispute in a gentlemanly way, but you'll then have to find something else to talk about over copious amounts of Guinness.