They say that music can set the mood for a romantic evening, but having a nice ride never hurt either, right? In this commercial for BMW, the luxury car brand aims to showcase their car’s rear view mirror feature with a modern take on a timeless concept – picking up a date.

Naming the song that plays in the background may require a trip in the way-back machine because it reaches back several decades. From their debut disc released in 1965, it’s the Sonics' addictive feel-good tune ‘Have Love, Will Travel.’ While the travel concept works well with BMW, it's the mood that the song incites that really drives the commercial.

The song was originally written and recorded by Richard Berry in 1959, but The Sonics gave it a facelift making it the memorable tune that it is today. Interestingly enough, Berry also wrote the song ‘Louie Louie,' which later became a huge hit when re-recorded by The Kingsmen.

The Sonics got their start in Tacoma, Wash. in the early '60s and earned comparisons to bands like the Wailers and Paul Revere & the Raiders.  Their debut disc was re-released in 1999, introducing a whole new genre of music fans to their garage rock style.

Watch the BMW Commercial Featuring The Sonics' 'Have Love, Will Travel'