This falls outside the realm of classic rock, but we’re posting it as a warning to anybody who thinks about going to a concert just to yell dumb stuff at the band. Last night, Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack jumped into the crowd to confront a heckler.

Loudwire reports that the incident took place in Vancouver, where somebody was shouting that he wanted opening act Memphis May Fire to return to the stage. Biersack took exception to the wisecracks and stopped the song his band was playing, which is where the above video kicks in.

“Are you gonna be real embarrassed when a motherf—er wearing mascara knocks your f—ing fake ass out right now?” he asked before delivering a challenge to the guy. “We have stopped the whole show so that you can play the guitar right now. And yet every single f—ing time that we do this, you don’t have the f—ing balls to come up and do anything,. Come on, split the crowd and come up and play the f—ing guitar you little virtuoso motherf—er.”

After more jawing back and forth, Biersack tossed the mic at his target to give him an opportunity to speak. After a few indecipherable words, Biersack decided he couldn’t take any more and jumped into the audience. The video ends there, but below is a close-up of when security intervened and got Biersack back onstage as fans chanted his name.

We’ve been seeing quite a bit of these confrontations between musicians and audience members lately. Two months ago, former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach stopped a show mid-song for a profane rant after he noticed that somebody bumped into his mother.

Watch Andy Biersack Confront a Heckler

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