Is there a fictional character more badass than 'Iron Man?' Um, no, there isn't, according to a new list celebrating musical badasses in lyric form.

Iron Man, the main protagonist of one of Black Sabbath's most recognizable songs (and riffs) landed at the plum position of No. 1 on Guyspeed's '10 Badass Fictional Characters in Popular Music' list. Iron Man destroyed the planet and caused the apocalypse, which is off the chart when it comes to the Badass-o-Meter.

But 'Iron Man' isn't the sole rock badass to land on the list.

Rush's Tom Sawyer, which is actually a Mark Twain literary character, landed at No. 7 on the illustrious list, as well. Sawyer's nonconformist ways make him infinitely badass, since, like Frank Sinatra, he is doing it his way, thank you very much. The song is also one of Rush's most recognizable tunes, thanks to Geddy Lee's voice and those keys. The last time Rush's music was used in such a cool fashion was the movie 'I Love You Man,' a 'bromance' starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.

What fictional character in music is most badass in your eyes?