Black Sabbath music on Broadway? The idea might not be as far fetched as some would believe. Famed guitarist and founding Sabbath member Tony Iommi told Eddie Webb of 'VH1 Classic Rock Nights' that the iconic band once was asked if the band's catalog could be used to create a musical.

"I remember years ago when we were approached to do a Black Sabbath [musical]," Iommi said. "The chap who'd done the Who ... who'd done 'Tommy', the producer, he wanted to do something with us many years ago. We never did, because we thought, 'Oh, that's a weird idea.' Of course now, he was way ahead of his time."

Iommi was referring to the theatrical success of 'Mama Mia!' based on Abba's music, and 'We Will Rock You," based on the music of Queen.

Now that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers are hinting that a new album might be coming soon, could such a musical also be under consideration?

"Well, I don't know," Iommi said. "Maybe. We might be jumping on the bandwagon then at that point."

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