Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is once again fueling rumors that the band could reunite for an album or even a tour. Give it a few days before getting excited however. Previous declarations have been taken back faster than a drunken 'I Love You.'

In an interview with Terrorizer, Iommi hints at the possibility. “We’ve had a rehearsal and played some of the old stuff and to be together again was great. We’re all on good terms and we’re at a stage where we can play together again. It would be good if we could and I suppose it’s the closest it’s been to be able to do that. It could happen!”

Did you hear that? "It could happen." Hearing those words was enough to get us through lonely nights in high school but that was many years and many heartbreaks ago. In August a journalist reported a similar story, only to be scolded by Iommi. “I hope he’s enjoyed his moment of glory, he won’t have another at my expense."

The guitarist's manager then contradicted him. “He’s not denying that the guys have been talking.” The first successful reunion seems inevitable as soon as Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward and Geezer Butler get their schedules and stories straight. Until then, Iommi tells Terrorizer he's working on other things.

“There are a few things floating around at the moment that are really interesting with a few big names," Iommi says. "I’ve also been talking to Ian Gillan about doing an album. I can’t stop writing stuff; I’ve got hundreds of ideas.”