After parting ways with Geezer Butler for a second time in 1994, Tony Iommi and the ever-loyal Tony Martin welcomed Neil Murray and Cozy Powell back into the Black Sabbath fold, and then hired guitarist Ernie C, from rap-rockers Body Count, to produce 1995’s ‘Forbidden.’

Rapper Ice-T (also the singer of Body Count) makes a cameo on ponderous LP opener ‘The Illusion of Power,’ but this did little to incite curiosity in Sabbath’s latest return. Sporadic flashes of inspiration shown by surprisingly melodic numbers such as ‘Can’t Get Close Enough,’ ‘I Won’t Cry for You’ and ‘Kiss of Death’ didn't help much either.

Meaning that, once again, Black Sabbath overstepped the limits of their fans' loyalty, until a timely off-and-on touring relationship with Ozzy Osbourne, and his Ozzfest festival, unexpectedly revived the classic quartet of Osbourne, Iommi, Butler and Bill Ward.