Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler is ready to spend some quality time in the studio. A band Facebook posting states that Butler "is all set to record some more bass tracks on the new album today."

The band regrouped last September for what was intended to be a full-fledged reunion tour and new studio album, but complications have ensued, including guitarist Tony Iommi's bout with cancer, and drummer Bill Ward walking out of the reunion over a contractual dispute. Iommi, Butler and singer Ozzy Osbourne have been recording with drummer Tommy Clufetos, and Iommi recently clarified the status of the new album in an interview with Eric Blair.

"We've written 15 songs and we've played them all," the guitarist stated (quote via Blabbermouth). "But now, at the moment, we're recording them. We recorded them at my house first, in England, just as demos, but now we're doing them for real. So we're about six tracks in now, at the moment."

He added that he doesn't foresee Ward rejoining the fold any time soon, explaining, "We'll always have a heart for Bill, but I think it's gone past that now, because it's gone on so long that I don't see that happening at the moment. Maybe at some point we might [play together again]."

In the meantime the band won't be sitting around idle. Sabbath will tour in Australia in April, and headline the first Japanese Ozzfest in May. They plan to release their new album in April.