Billy Joel has been one of rock's steadiest live draws since he first hit the touring circuit as a solo act in the early '70s.

It was an acclaimed live appearance at Philadelphia's WMMR-FM that convinced executives at Columbia Records of his potential back then and, as he's proven repeatedly through a series of sold-out tours and hit live albums, Joel and his band have always had the chops and drive to win over crowds across the globe.

In fact, Joel made headlines in 1987 when he booked a series of dates in the Soviet Union, bringing along a film crew to help document the experience of being one of the few Western acts allowed to perform behind the Iron Curtain -- and ultimately pitching a fit on stage in the middle of one of the shows when the venue's crew wouldn't take the lights off the audience.

These days, although Joel hasn't released an album of new material in more than 20 years, demand for his concerts remains high. In 2013, he announced an indefinite residency at New York's Madison Square Garden, where he pledged to perform a monthly show as long as people keep buying tickets. With no end in sight -- and a continuing series of traveling dates being added to his schedule -- Joel's live legacy is poised to keep growing.

Updated Billy Joel Tour Dates
1/31 - Miami, FL
2/18 - New York, NY
2/28 - Atlanta, GA
3/09 - New York, NY
3/20 - Syracuse, NY
4/03 - New York, NY
5/01 - Kansas City, MO
5/16 - Minneapolis, MN
5/28 - New York, NY
6/06 - Virginia Beach, VA
6/20 - New York, NY
7/01 - New York, NY
7/25 - Baltimore, MD
8/13 - Philadelphia, PA
8/20 - New York, NY
8/27 - Chicago, IL
9/05 - San Francisco, CA
9/16 - Denver, CO
9/25 - New York, NY
10/21 - New York, NY
11/06 - Houston, TX
11/19 - New York, NY
12/05 - Charlotte, NC
12/17 - New York, NY

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