Recent foot surgery doesn’t seem to have inhibited Billy Idol’s ability to rock. The singer used the downtime to his advantage to work on new material with a fresh collaborator who knows his history quite well.

While the scope of the project hasn’t been revealed, Idol is working with his son Willem on new music, which he shared with the Twitterverse via the following message “Worked with Willem Wolfe Broad on some music/song ideas for a future project yesterday.”

Only a few short days later, Idol was back on stage jamming with the members of Camp Freddy (Dave Navarro, the recently engaged Matt Sorum and others) on a selection of material that included covers of ‘Silly Thing’ by the Sex Pistols with former Pistol Steve Jones guesting, ‘Shakin’ All Over,’ ‘L.A. Woman’ and his own ‘Rebel Yell.’

On stage, Idol showed no signs of his recent surgery. His legendary sneer was fully intact and he looked pretty damn ageless for a man who recently celebrated his 56th birthday. This wasn’t Idol’s first go-around with Camp Freddy – he made a previous guest appearance earlier this year as part of the ‘X-Games.'

Watch Billy Idol And Camp Freddy Perform 'L.A. Woman'