Billy Idol's long break between studio albums looks like it's finally almost over.

Idol, who announced last year that he'd been "gradually putting new songs together," recently took to Twitter with a few updates regarding his next album, which will serve as his first collection of new recordings since 2006's 'Happy Holidays' -- and his first non-Christmas record since 2005's 'Devil's Playground,' which arrived after the 12-year hiatus following 1993's 'Cyberpunk.' On Feb. 26, Idol revealed that the new record's title will be 'BFI'; on March 17, he added, "Did some final vocal touch ups today on a couple of tracks & the #BFI album is now nearing completion. One more song to add & that will be it."

Idol issued another 'BFI' update on March 23, telling fans it'll be out in October and adding that he starts rehearsals for his summer tour in May. Of course, this project is no stranger to delays -- in late 2013, guitarist Steve Stevens told Glide Magazine that "we’ll hopefully be done with the record by the end of December" -- but this is the first time Idol's been this specific about release plans for the album.

A handful of the new songs have surfaced in Idol's concert set lists over the last few years, and he seems confident that the recorded versions will stand up alongside his greatest hits just as easily as they do on stage. "A couple of them are a little more ballad-like," he said last year, "but of course we balance those off against a lot of the sort of fun Idol songs that people know and expect."

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