Let's send a big 'yow yow yow yiggy-yiggy-yiggy YOW' out to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who turned 64 this week and also announced another huge summer tour with his famous band. And to him we present a reader's poll, wrapped in a chiffon scarf.

Some like to joke about the fact that Tyler has served as an 'American Idol' judge for the last two seasons ('He sold out, man!'), but the simple fact of the matter is that the music machine is not just a different game than it was during the band's salad years - it's a different sport, more 'Hunger Games' than 'Survivor.' The decisions they made may have looked crass at times - covering a Diane Warren ballad, for example - but in retrospect those moves have preserved Aerosmith's commercial viability long beyond that of the band's peers, mastering the 'branding' game before many of us knew the game itself had even started. Well done, sirs.

But enough about 'Armageddon' love songs and shooting a show with Jennifer Lopez - birthdays are for celebrating accomplishments, namely Aerosmith's albums. The poll below features all of Aerosmith's albums. Choose your favorite one, knowing that whatever happens, everyone wins. Unlike, you know, 'The Hunger Games,' where one wins and everyone else is brutally murdered.