AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young may not have the flash (or the schoolboy uniforms) of little brother Angus, but his distinctive riffs are a big part of the band's signature sound. So as he celebrates his 59th birthday today (Jan. 6) we thought it was time to pay a little homage.

Malcolm, who's been described as the business and brains behind AC/DC, was heavily influenced by '50s rock and roll as well as the blues-based rock guitarists of the '60s and '70s.

And if you're a musician yourself, you might find this interesting: Guitar Player magazine once said the secret to his sound is that he plays open chords through medium-sized amplifiers set to low volume, rather than strumming loud and overdriven power chords through the large amplifiers popular with many other guitarists.

But technique aside, there's no question that without him, AC/DC wouldn't be where it is today. And while choosing just one song from the band's vast catalog may seem impossible, we're gonna ask anyway: which track has your favorite riff?