Maybe all of those letters to Santa have finally paid off, Beatles fans. Billboard reports the group could join the modern age of music listening as soon as Thursday – that's Christmas Eve – adding songs to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Of course, we've heard similar reports before. A six-month exclusive for a streaming service was rumored in 2014, but nothing became of it. This time, Billboard says Universal Music Group began new discussions about the Beatles in January, and that papers were reportedly signed in September.

Still unknown: Which streaming services could possibly feature Beatles music, and to what extent they might release one of the most coveted catalogs of popular music.

Can we look forward to something canonically comprehensive, focusing only on official releases from Please Please Me to Let It Be? Will the Anthology series, which featured two John Lennon songs completed by the surviving Beatles, be included as well? What about more recent fare like Let It Be ... Naked and Love? Could we possibly be getting the treasured mono mixes, too?

Rhapsody didn't confirm the move for Billboard, while another rep said Spotify "would not comment on that." Companies like Apple and Tidal did not respond. The Beatles are already available on Pandora, through a non-demand web radio licensing agreement. Their similarly tardy arrival on iTunes came some six years after it launched, creating a frenzy of attention that led to two million in sales the first week alone.

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