Beatles for breakfast, anyone?

When pancake artist Nathan Shields made the news after making 'Star Wars'-inspired flapjacks for his kids in 2012, he said he'd "like to try doing some portraits, but my skills aren't there yet." Clearly, he's stepped up his game in the last couple of years, because over the summer, he demonstrated his griddle greatness by cooking up a short stack shaped like the Fab Four's faces.

You can see it all in the video above, set to the strains of an instrumental cover of 'Something' posted by YouTube multi-instrumentalist waitin4winter. The results are undeniably impressive, but perhaps the coolest thing about Shields' art is the way he makes it look so easy; we're tempted to grab a squeeze bottle and a spatula and try to cook up some Rolling Stones pancakes, or maybe even pour some syrup over Lemmy's face.

Cool as these Beatles pancakes are, they're far from the most intricate Shields has posted -- check out these shots of the educational designs he cooked up for his kids, and visit his website for even more examples of his talent in action. Maybe we can all set aside some time to try a few of these on Feb. 5, and make Gene Simmons happy for National Pancake Day.