The Beatles are the latest band to support the anti-piracy movement led by the organization Why Music Matters, providing their music and animated likenesses to a video promoting the value of recorded music.

The Beatles' animated short is cleverly designed, using stick figured characters to share the story of a life told through Fab Four songs. Snippets from ‘Octopus’s Garden’, ‘Something’, ‘Strawberry Fields’ and ‘Hey Jude’ subtly but clearly get the message (music is worth paying for) across in less than two minutes.

This group aims to educate fans on how to consume music in an ethical way. Their goal is to open up conversation about music piracy. Part of how they do this is with short films that let the music do the talking.

A music fan has many choices as to how to stream and download music, so Music Matters have created a trust mark badge that helps eliminate confusion as to which sources support the musicians.

If you see the Music Matters badge you can be certain that the music sold from that source is legally licensed, and that the artists and labels are being paid properly as a result.

Dozens of artists are getting involved in this collective effort, including Iron Maiden, Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), Nick Cave, The Jam and Kate Bush. The Beatles film sends out the message that loving the Beatles is a shared experience that somehow that brings us all together, and that’s one more reason why music matters.

Watch the Beatles' 'Why Music Matters' Video