A hysterical new photo-based website suggests that Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses has the ability to travel through time, and has been using his powers to photobomb important historical events. What's most unusual is that he's eating a different snack in every single image.

HungryTimeTraveler.Blogspot has been diligently and steadily chronicling Rose's adventures across time (and in one case, space) and presenting the photographic evidence along with insightful commentary. We've chosen 10 of our favorite images from this series for your enjoyment and education.

You'll see Axl welcoming the Beatles to America, supporting Rosa Parks in her battle for civil rights, witnessing the execution of Lee Harvey Oswald, fighting Bruce Lee and even traveling to the Moon. Time travel must burn a lot of calories, because each and every time he's got a different and delicious looking food item with him.

See Axl Rose Visit Historic Events Throughout Time (With Food)