Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose threatened to end a concert Sunday night (May 20) in Liverpool, England after someone in the audience threw an object on stage during the band's second song.

According to a report published in the Liverpool Echo, Rose and company kept the audience waiting for nearly two hours after the opening act, going on stage around 11 PM and not finishing their show until nearly 2 AM. It seems the strong-armed concert-goer was expressing their displeasure with Rose's famous lack of punctuality by throwing a pint of liquid up on stage.

Axl's response was swift and surprisingly measured: "If you wanna throw s---, we've got no problem going home. Otherwise we'd all love to have a good time tonight, right? So don't f--- it up for your friends here tonight. Thank you very much." He then had the band restart the song and seemingly, all was well.

We're fully with 'Team Axl' on this one: Throwing something at a group of hard-working musicians who can't see you because of bright stage lights is cowardly and dangerous. While it's understandable to get upset if a band randomly keeps you waiting for much, much longer than you expected, how can you not expect that at a Guns N' Roses show after all these years? Tell your boss you're going to be late ahead of time, plan for a late night and you'll be much better off.

Watch Axl Rose Threaten to End Guns N' Roses' Liverpool Concert