Apparently, Axl Rose's hotel-wrecking days are over. Or at least he hasn't smashed up any apartments he's rented lately.

According to writer Steve Fishman in a column penned for Vulture titled 'What Happened When Axl Rose Rented My Apartment,' the Guns N' Roses frontman contacted him three years ago about renting his place in New York City. But it appears that Rose's civilized manner toward other people's property may have more to do with his absence rather than his tamed personality.

Fishman says that Rose checked out the 5,300-square-foot apartment in Tribeca twice before renting it (even playing with Fishman's dog during one of the visits). "Axl Rose is the best tenant ever," he writes, before explaining that the mercurial rocker probably never actually stayed there.

"Of course, I was worried," Fishman writes. "Axl, after all, had a reputation for wrecking places." After agreeing to "an extraordinary rent" and laying down six months’ rent as security deposit, Rose signed on. And Fishman was paid every month until the beginning of 2013, when the lease wasn't renewed. But Rose "hadn’t set foot in the apartment," Fishman says, claiming that the star was staying at a fancy hotel in the city instead.

Still, Fishman says he has no complaints. "I wondered if he remembered that he’d rented it," he writes, before concluding that, as a landlord, he "loved" Rose: "If he ever needs a recommendation, I’ll happily write: Quiet, undemanding and pays his rent."