Footage of what appears to be Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose angrily exiting a car and storming off into what supposedly is an airport in Rosario, Argentina, following the band's Oct. 10 concert there has surfaced online.

The 54-second clip features someone who looks a lot like Rose -- although the camera honestly never gets a great look -- hastily walk out of a car that has pulled up to the curb. "Get the f--- away from me, you f---ing idiot," the mystery character shouts after slamming the door and then storming past a collection of fans likely waiting for Rose.

The fans seem more surprised to see him suddenly show up than he does that they are waiting for him, and he quickly and efficiently leaves them in his wake and  strolls into the airport and down the corridor, with the fans and camera operator following behind.

GN'R made waves at this year's Rock In Rio festival after taking the stage two hours late, although the band blamed its tardiness on production issues and rainy weather.

Is it Axl? Check it out and tell us what you think!

Man Believed to be Axl Rose Storming into an Airport Like a Cursing Tornado