They couldn't just give him a Cuisinart or an espresso machine? Really?

Adult website, where married adults can meet and cheat discreetly, has gifted Kiss bassist and legendary ladies' man Gene Simmons, who is marrying longtime love Shannon Tweed tonight, with one million credits to use on the site. Yeah, that's pretty tacky, especially since one of the bones of contention regarding these nuptials is Simmons' ability (or lack thereof) to be faithful.

RadarOnline reports that the credits were sent to Simmons with a card from site founder Noel Biderman. With this massive amount of credits, Simmons would be free to pursue an unlimited amount of discreet affairs for the rest of his life via this "alternative" social networking site.

Biderman's card, which should make the lovely (and tolerant) Tweed see red, boasted the following note: "Your decades spent as in international playboy inspired not only me, but millions of horny men around the world. As you and your bride enter the sacred oath of matrimony this weekend, we wanted to provide you the best gift we could think of.”

Somehow, we think Tweed will disagree and mightily so. We get that the site is self-promoting via Gene's big day, something he can certainly appreciate as a master marketer himself. It's still tacky to send such a gift so publicly.