Mixed in with the usual mess of early 'American Idol' auditions, judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were taken off-guard when a Rastafarian-looking chick tore up some Beatles -- in a good way.

Ashlee Altise, a 28-year-old sales associate from Kingston, NC, has the quirky appearance and enthusiastic attitude that usually guarantees "suck" on 'Idol,' so when she said she'd be doing 'Come Together,' Fab Four fans across the U.S. cringed in unison.

But, dare we say, she kind of delivered. It wasn't Hall of Fame-worthy, and her over-the-top theatrics may wear thin during Hollywood Week, but for now? She didn't bloody any eardrums. Which is sometimes all you can ask of singers during 'Idol' auditions.

Watch Ashlee Altise Sing 'Come Together' by the Beatles