With all the sad news of rock veterans and legends passing away in recent days and weeks, including the death of Bee Gees founder Robin Gibb on Sunday, we hope you can forgive us for indulging in a quick moment of levity.

Still with us? Good, because we couldn't help but have a brief laugh when we caught this video featuring New York's WABC Channel Seven reporter Lucy Yang reporting in the aftermath of Gibb's passing.

While detailing the medical history of Gibb's singing siblings, the reporter obviously intended to explain that younger brother Andy Gibb -- not one of the Bee Gees but a '70s singing star in his own right -- succumbed to heart failure back in 1988.

However, as you can see for yourself, the simple switching out of one little letter changes the meaning and nature of her report quite dramatically. It's important to laugh a little even in sad times, right?

Watch A Reporter Misstate the Cause of Andy Gibb's Death