If you're an American Idol addict like so many others, you surely saw the 'Top 10' perform a rendition of Billy Joel's 'The Longest Time' during the intro of tonight's (March 22) broadcast. 'Idol' judge Steven Tyler slammed various contestants last night after their Billy Joel attempts and this performance seems unlikely to change his mind.

Each of the 'Top 10' took a small portion of the song for their solos, while the rest sung backup in their A cappella version of 'The Longest Time.' Much like last night, many of the potential 'Idols' seemed uninspired, the performance coming off more like one of their stiff skits based solely on product placement.

On last night's (March 21) episode of 'Idol,' Steven Tyler remarked, "If you can't sing Billy Joel, you can't sing at all." The main target of Tyler's wrath was singer and Idol's resident comic non-relief, Heejun.

"Are you happy that you took the piss out of that song?" Tyler asked Heejun. "You showed em, you told em. I'm glad you did, I hope it made you feel good inside. But they were right, the music business will kick your ass. At some point you've got to try and take it more serious."

Later on in the broadcast, the 'Top 10' wished Steven Tyler an early happy birthday with surprise guest, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. The Aerosmith axeman said, "I couldn't decide what to get you for your birthday this year, so I guess this will have to do." Along with Perry's six-string rendition of 'Happy Birthday,' the 'Top 10' sang along to bring Tyler into his 64th year in style.

Stay tuned for more 'Idol' news and more importantly, the wrath of Steven effing Tyler.

Watch the 'Top 10' Perform Billy Joel's 'The Longest Time'