So what if it's only April? It's never too early to start thinking about October 31.

The mad geniuses at Trick or Treat Studios are here to help you plan ahead for this year's costume with a long list of incredibly detailed masks that now includes designs inspired by Alice Cooper, Motörhead, the Misfits and others.

The company, started by designer Justin Mabry and his business partner Chris Zephro in 2009, has attracted a crowd of talented artists, sculptors and special-effects veterans over the years — including Mikey Rotella, the man responsible for the Cooper mask, who also worked alongside Gore Galore, the outfit that built Cooper a giant Frankenstein costume for his stage show in 2011.

Rotella shared behind-the-scenes photos of his work on Facebook, where Cooper's team also unveiled the finished product.

Motörhead, meanwhile, have seen their famous Warpig logo design brought to latex life with a mask this year. Originally created by artist Joe Petagno in 1977 for the cover of the Motörhead album and recurring often throughout the group's career, the creature's been given three-dimensional form by sculptor Rick Fisher, and promises to be what the band's website calls "a highly sought after Motörhead collectible."

For Mabry, it's all part of a childhood passion that blossomed into an unlikely career. "I've studied just about every mask company since the beginning of masks," he told the Jackson Free Press last year. "I've gotten to work with some of my heroes. I used to call these people when I was 12 and ask for tips, and now I try to do the same."

To view a complete list of masks — and order some for yourself — visit the Trick or Treat Studios website.

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