Alice Cooper has a thing for 25-and-under pop stars. First, he's cavorting with pop tart Kesha, 24, and has included her on 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare.' Now, he has made the bold statement that the ruler of the pop music universe known as Lady Gaga reminds him of himself. Given both artists and their well-documented penchant for the theatrical, it's not a stretch for Cooper, 63, to consider Gaga, 25, a kindred spirit.

"Lady Gaga is the female Alice Cooper," the 'School's Out' singer declared, according to the Associated Press. "She totally gets it."

The "it" that Cooper refers to is the flair for the dramatic that both indulge on stage and perhaps their shared love of extreme, inky eye makeup. He rocks mascara; she's known for thick black eyeliner. While Cooper plays with guillotines and boa constrictors, Gaga wears dresses constructed entirely of raw meat and shows up at the VMAs as her male alter ego Jo Calderone, remaining in character for the entire night. She redefined what it means to "make an entrance" at the red carpet of the 2011 Grammys, arriving in a giant egg which was hoisted on the shoulders of multiple men.

"She created a character named Lady Gaga and wrote songs for Lady Gaga, just as I write songs for Alice," Cooper said about their artistic camaraderie. "But when you meet her offstage, she's nothing like that person... and neither am I."

Do we detect the rumblings of a future duet here? Cooper is laying a little groundwork with his praise of Gaga. But could you even begin to imagine Alice Cooper and Lady Gaga working together? It would be unpredictable, that's for damn sure. Gaga is usually game for anything and a collab with Cooper would be epic, bloody, colorful and more!