Alice Cooper is once again finding new ways to bring his music to yet another generation of rock fans. After teaming up on stage recently -- click to see for yourself -- with both Johnny Depp and the Foo Fighters to sing his classic teen anthem 'School's Out,' Cooper surprised fans in Oslo, Norway last night (July 5) when he joined pop-superstar Kesha on stage to perform the song once again.

In this fan video from the show, fans see Kesha (well, her guitarist) launch into the song's memorable opening, screaming with delight, or terror, when the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer joins her onstage after the first chorus. "Alice f---ing Cooper," the pop singer shouts before getting on her knees and bowing to the legend. Cooper is in Oslo for his own show tonight at Telenor Arena.

This isn't the first time two have collaborated. Last October Kesha joined Cooper on stage in Nashville for some fun with his balloons. The two have apparently developed a friendship, or maybe something more. The pop-singer affectionately refers to Cooper as 'Dad' and tweeted "Thanx for coming to Oslo to do SCHOOLS OUT with me dad... ; ) LEGEND. F---ING LEGEND," after last night's show was over. Cooper responded with "Thanks @keshasuxx! Next time our stage, and be sure to bring some bandaids..."

Aside from watching a rock and roll hall of famer sing a hit song, this video's highlight may be the characters running around in the background. It's unclear if Cooper brought a few mascots with him -- including a skeleton, and a man dressed as a ... well, you'll see -- or if those are parts of Kesha's stage show. Either way, both singers seemed very comfortable amongst the chaos.

Watch Alice Cooper Sing 'School's Out' With Kesha