In a wide ranging chat with UK media outlet the Daily Star, Alice Cooper reveals his appreciation for Pete Townshend of the Who and talks about his problem with the concept of reality shows.

Faced with the question of who he might still want to collaborate with after so many years in the business, Cooper expressed how happy he was to participate in the upcoming Paul McCartney tribute album, for which he contributes a couple of tracks, and joked that he'd “love to be the wedding singer” for McCartney's impending nuptials.

Cooper also name checked Jeff Beck as someone that he'd love to have play on his album, calling Beck someone who “has always been my favorite guitar player.” Talking about Townshend, Cooper said that the Who legend is still in his opinion the greatest “stage” guitar player and “still maintains the attitude that every 12 year old kid should have.”

On the possibility of being a judge on a musical reality show, Cooper says that his problem is that he would be “too nice” and that he would “only point out the better things they were doing,” something he attributes to being an “eternal optimist.” He did express interest in a show that would find the next “eccentric rock star.”

Cooper says that if he were to host such a program, it would probably be called something like 'The Lunatic Fringe,' and that it would be a show that would develop more stars with longer career potential in comparison to the current crop of reality shows.

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