Alice Cooper, an avid golfer, finds himself struggling with his clubs in a new commercial for Apple Watch. Check out the 15-second clip, which arrives as part of a series of commercials touting the new item's various features, above.

Curiously, the soundtrack to the spot isn't an old Alice Cooper song. (With the way he's swinging the club, "Welcome to My Nightmare" might have been appropriate. Or "Hey Stoopid." Or "I Gotta Get Outta Here." Or ... well, you get the idea.) Instead, Cooper is featured with a countrified version of Dire Straits' "Walk of Life."

Even with the many struggles with his swing, it all ends well for Cooper. He checks his Apple watch to discover that he's met his calorie-burning goal for the day – and just like that, he's off. Perhaps for rehearsals in advance of his upcoming North American tour, which kicks off on April 29 or to complete work on one of the two albums he's promising soon. Or maybe for a badly needed golf lesson.

The commercial is one of a series of seven new spots focusing on the Apple Watch, each featuring a different colored background. Others show how users reach their fitness goals in various ways – including competing with their friends or using the Workout app.

Cooper is also participating in a few scattered show dates with the Hollywood Vampires, the all-star group that includes Joe Perry and Johnny Depp.

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