An all-too-brief black and white snippet of Aerosmith performing in the studio has found its way onto the web courtesy of the band. It's 30 seconds of the band engaging in a bluesy jam.

Now, a half-a-minute only allows for a quick peek, where guitarist Brad Whitford is riffing furiously while drummer Joey Kramer tosses off a beat. Singer Steven Tyler has his famous lips busy with an instrument we don't recognize, although he can't help but chime in vocally towards the end.

The sliver of footage depicts a loose, fluid jam. There's no real sense of what is being produced during the recording process. However, seeing the legendary rockers in this setting is refreshing and a good indicator that things are going well as they hammer out tunes. We'll even go as far as to suggest that they look like they are having fun. It seems like all that drama, most of which revolved around Tyler's hotly contested (at least by Joe Perry) gig as an 'American Idol' judge, is in the rear view.

The band's 14th studio album is allegedly due out next May, according to producer Jack Douglas. It's their first since 2001, and Tyler himself threw out adjectives like "raw," "nasty" and "tough" when describing the music. Those are words we like to hear surrounding Aerosmith and their sonic output.

Watch Aerosmith's 'Quick Jam' Studio Footage