Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler collapsed in a hotel shower in Paraguay today (Oct. 25) as a result of dehydration brought about by food poisoning, according to sources close to the performer.

TMZ reports that the flamboyant frontman (and 'American Idol' judge) has already been released from the hospital. Apparently his reps are labeling his injuries "minor," which doesn't fully line up with eyewitness accounts that stated Tyler had lost several teeth and had blood all over his face on the way to the emergency room.

But maybe they're right, because the report goes on to say that Aerosmith has already rescheduled the band's performance in the country's capital of Asuncion, which was supposed to happen tonight, for tomorrow night.

Either those famous lips of Tyler's have magic healing powers, or things aren't as bad as they seemed earlier tonight. Now, please help us pick the corniest possible way to wrap up this story:

a) ... so if you thought Tyler was going to be put out of action for long, you better 'Dream On!'
b) ... so don't worry, Aerosmith fans, your favorite singer's gonna be 'Back in the Saddle' soon.