Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is as known for his fashion sense as he is that big, bold voice. His style has earned him a new side gig as the spokesperson for Andrew Charles' rock-inspired clothing. Tyler recently chatted with fashion trade Women's Wear Daily about his latest foray into fashion, his love of shopping and his role on 'American Idol.'

We know, shopping and fashion aren't macho, but it's served Tyler well through the years. It's also another side of his rock 'n' roll personality. He revealed that his girlfriend Erin Brady is playing the role of stylist for him this year. "She knows everything that I love so we find stuff out of my closet, and we put pieces together that are so back in," the rocker said. "Everything from my closet is from 30 years ago, so it’s like a treasure trove. It’s full of so much great stuff. Every time I go through it, it’s like, 'No, wait, what’s this?'" Opening 'Pandora's Box,' so to speak.

Tyler's love of shopping is very un-dude-like, but Tyler, who said the band has done 33 tours since 1970, is in his element when picking out clothes. He also designed plenty of his tour wear.

"I designed most of the stage clothes," he admitted. "When you’re out shopping in Paraguay, you’re going to come home with some ostrich boots and a black-and-white checkered hat and some bolos they caught the ostrich with." Shopping in Paraguay is better than taking a tumble in the shower while suffering from dehydration due to food poisoning, no?

As for 'Idol' and how it mines talent, Tyler understands that things have changed, but misses the olden days when rock was more organic and born in the live setting. He said,  "I miss clubs. It was my era. But it’s a new era. They do come out of the woodwork. There are those who are homegrown. Out of 10,000, there’s 100 who are really good."

Perhaps Erin Brady can play stylist to the next crop of 'Idol' hopefuls, as well!