Camp Aerosmith has come forward with an official statement regarding the incident in a hotel shower in Paraguay on Tuesday (Oct. 25) that left Steven Tyler with a bloody mouth and resulted in an emergency trip to the hospital.

"Steven Tyler suffered minor injuries as a result of food poisoning yesterday in Paraguay. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. Last night's show has been postponed until today. Steven would like to sincerely apologize to his fans in Paraguay for the inconvenience and hopes to see them all tonight."

Thanks for clearing that up, although we can't help but point out that something seems to be missing here. Food poisoning in a foreign country (or anywhere, really) can be a terrible affliction, but Tyler also definitely suffered some sort of injury, and how food poisoning directly leads to a bloody mouth and multiple missing teeth apparently is a mystery Aerosmith doesn't seem interested in solving.

Dr. Maria Bastos, the Paraguayan dentist who treated Tyler, reported that he's “doing splendidly" following a procedure that gave him two dental implants. She also found him “friendly and humble” and said that he “surprised me with his cheerfulness."A previous report from Tyler's reps said he fell in the shower as a result of dehydration brought on by the food poisoning, presumably in a moment of dehydrated weakness.

Aerosmith bumped the Tuesday gig back one night while Tyler recovered, and Wednesday's rescheduled concert seemed to go off without a hitch. At least that's what we could gather from this report from the Paraguyan newspaper, although we can't read Spanish so it's difficult to figure out exactly what's being said.

For some extra entertainment, here's Babelfish's translation of that Aerosmith concert report:

"Steven Tyler and Aerosmith were made hope. Thousands of people congregated in the Jockey Paraguayan Club to fulfill a dream long caressed. The concert, that initiated past the 22:00, began with force, shouts, applause. The first songs were accompanied with much euphoria, until " Purú, Good night " of Joe Perry it generated annoyance, that was ending again the sonar of music. Tyler and its group, after several subjects, took a rest and to its return to the scene they appeared with rowers of albirroja, which was celebrated by the public."

Aerosmith's tour of South and Central America continues with a gig Friday in Buenos Aires, Argentina.