OK, we're officially loving these in-studio video updates from Aerosmith, the latest of which shows guitarist Joe Perry and singer Steven Tyler (on drums!) working out part of what appears to be a brand-new song.

As we all know, the band has put their recent squabbles aside to record their first album of new material in a decade, and it looks like they're making great progress. The latest clip opens with Perry finger-picking a snake-like, blues-influenced riff with swinging rhythmic support from Tyler. He then goes on to explain how Aerosmith don't need no stinkin' click-track:

"The first song that we put together yesterday, we didn't use a click track and it does not move out of range. It's unbelievable, it's scary... so locked, it's unbelievable." Tyler enthusiastically joins in -- "That's cause you're playing with me!" -- and earns himself a quick stare and a slight correction from Perry: "Well, we're playing off each other." Relax, this does not start another argument, as Steven quickly agrees, "Playing off each other, damn right! When that happens, it's like 'Whoa!'"

Then, edited perfectly as if to prove his point, the music fades back up just as Tyler goes crazy on the cymbols and the pair hit a particularly nasty groove together.

Whoa, indeed!

Watch Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Performing in the Studio