A new version of Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight' provided the soundtrack in a Super Bowl ad for the upcoming NBC miniseries 'A.D.: The Bible Continues.'

Pop singer Kelly Sweet self-released this new version of 'In the Air Tonight,' which was originally featured on Collins' 1981 solo album 'Face Value.'

Premiering on April 5, which is Easter Sunday, the 12-week 'A.D.: The Bible Continues' begins with the crucifixion of Christ and follows the spread of his teachings through a group of key disciples. Mark Burnett, who produced the miniseries with wife Roma Downey, has described 'A.D.: The Bible Continues' as 'House of Cards' in the 1st Century because of its mix of politics and adventure.

Sweet's take on 'In the Air Tonight' was previously used in promo ads for NBC's 'Believe,' as well. She earlier covered Aerosmith's 'Dream On,' receiving widespread airplay on adult-contemporary formats.

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