Some great songs take weeks -- even months -- to write, while others come in a quick burst on inspiration. For Ace Frehley, two cuts on his new album, 'Space Invader,' the latter was the case, as he explained in a video interview (embedded above).

"'Past the Milky Way' and 'Space Invader' were written in the last two weeks of mixing," he told Loudwire. "They were just basically instrumental tracks, and while Warren Huart was mixing some of the other tracks, I went back to the hotel and just came up with the lyrics and melody. I came in, laid 'em down and threw on a solo and it just happened really quickly."

Frehley gives a lot of credit to Huart, whose use of vintage equipment helped Ace " recapture some of the essence of my '78 solo album." But he saves his highest praise for his fiancee, Rachael Gordon, who contributed the lyrics to 'Change' and 'Immortal Pleasures.' For some, working with their significant other could prove difficult, but it was a breeze for Ace.

"I had this rhythm guitar track and I said, 'Honey, I need some lyrics for this,' he continues. "She's been writing poetry for years, and she came up with these great lyrics. We arranged it...went in the studio and tracked it -- a painless process and a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to collaborating with her in the future on more stuff."

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